Where to Stay in Zakynthos

Where to Stay in Zakynthos

Planning your trip to Zakynthos and wondering where to stay? With its diverse range of accommodations catering to every traveler's needs, Zakynthos offers something for everyone, from families seeking relaxation to luxury travelers craving indulgence and partygoers looking for vibrant nightlife. Here's a comprehensive guide to six top locations on the island, each with its own unique charm and amenities.



  • Vibrant nightlife with numerous bars and clubs.
  • Wide range of budget-friendly accommodations.
  • Close proximity to Laganas Bay for water sports and beach activities.


  • Can be noisy at night due to the bustling nightlife.
  • May not be suitable for families seeking a quiet retreat.
  • Limited options for luxury accommodations.



  • Family-friendly atmosphere with shallow waters and sandy beaches.
  • Abundance of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options.
  • Good selection of mid-range and luxury hotels.


  • Can get crowded during peak tourist season.
  • Limited public transportation options for exploring other parts of the island.
  • Beachfront accommodations tend to be pricier.

Zakynthos Town


  • Convenient access to the island's port for ferry connections.
  • Rich cultural heritage with museums, historic sites, and vibrant markets.
  • Wide range of accommodations to suit various budgets.


  • Limited beach access within the town itself.
  • May lack the resort-style amenities found in beachfront areas.
  • Can be busy and congested during peak tourist season.

Agios Sostis


  • Tranquil and serene atmosphere, perfect for relaxation.
  • Stunning views of the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea.
  • Quaint village charm with traditional tavernas and shops.


  • Limited nightlife options compared to other areas.
  • Fewer accommodation choices, mostly consisting of small hotels and apartments.
  • Requires transportation for exploring other parts of the island.



  • Ideal for families with its shallow, child-friendly beaches.
  • Wide range of accommodations, from budget-friendly apartments to luxury resorts.
  • Relaxed atmosphere with plenty of seaside tavernas and cafes.


  • Limited nightlife compared to more bustling areas like Laganas.
  • Can get crowded during peak tourist season.
  • Some parts of the beach may be rocky.



  • Secluded and peaceful atmosphere, perfect for a romantic getaway.
  • Beautiful sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters, ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Range of upscale resorts and boutique hotels offering luxury amenities.


  • Limited dining and entertainment options compared to busier areas.
  • May require transportation for exploring other parts of the island.
  • Can be pricier compared to other areas, especially during peak season.

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