Castalian Spring: The sacred water of Ancient Delphi

Castalian Spring: The sacred water of Ancient Delphi

Tucked away on the slopes of Mount Parnassus lies the Castalian Spring, an ancient source of water with a rich history in Greek mythology. This spring, known for its clear and refreshing waters, holds significance as a sacred site in the heart of Delphi.

In Greek mythology, the Castalian Spring was believed to be a sacred spot dedicated to Apollo, the god of prophecy and the arts. According to legend, Apollo slew the serpent Python near Delphi and established the Castalian Spring as a symbol of purification. It was said that the waters of this spring held the power to cleanse and inspire those who drank from it.

A Destination for Pilgrims and Seekers

Throughout history, the Castalian Spring has attracted pilgrims, poets, and philosophers seeking wisdom and inspiration. Visitors to Delphi often made a stop at the spring to drink from its waters and reflect on the mysteries of the universe. Even today, the spring remains a popular destination for travelers exploring the ancient ruins of Delphi.

Discovering Delphi's Secrets

Embarking on a journey to Delphi offers an opportunity to explore the rich history and mythology of ancient Greece. Book our tour now to learn more about the ancient religious ceremonies and spiritual practices.

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